On Personal Capital

I just signed up for PersonalCapital.com last week and I’m using it to categorize stocks, bonds, and cash in my investment accts. I have only put investment accts there and no bank accts because I don’t want all my finances with one company. Opening this acct I realized that my company stock is 5% of my total portfolio, and I will definitely be aware of the risk that comes with it (I have an employee stock plan). One thing that annoys me about PersonalCapital is that it lists me as having more liquidity than I actually do by over-counting my cash. As in, I am holding ETFs that keep portions of their assets in cash, and PersonalCapital counts these as me holding cash. But these ETFs are not as liquid as cash, I wish there was a way to separate cash controlled by me from cash controlled by my investments. I also wish PersonalCapital had a way to separate my taxable accts from Roth accts. Except for those two hitches, I like being able to keep track of so many different accounts in one place. So far so good with PersonalCapital!!!

Edited to add: This post contains my referral link, you and I both get $20 if you use it to sign up: https://share.personalcapital.com/x/r0YIbi

Monthly Networthshare Entry : https://www.networthshare.com/user/labangel/2016/12

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