I’m about to turn 25, this is a good time for an entry. I feel happy with my life, I have a wonderful boyfriend who plans us getaway trips to new places on long weekends like MLK Day last week. I can be moody and annoying, somehow he senses exactly how I’m feeling and helps me move past it. Maybe it’s an extraordinary sense of smell, he told me I smelled tired today and he was spot on.

I have parents who give me support and advice and a beautiful sister to share stories and laughter with. I speak to my parents regularly but not so often with my sister, I’m happy I spoke with her on the phone for two hours today.

I have wonderful circles of friends who are passionate about their own interests and share them with me. And I’m happy that I have friends all across the US from my having lived in different regions for childhood, college, jobs, etc. I do wish I had more friends internationally.

I’m happy with my health, but I should exercise more. I’m happy with the wealth I’m building, but I need to be smarter at it. I decided to keep my company stock as is until it would be taxed at the long term capital gains rate. I really believe in the company, there are good people doing good things here.

Monthly Networthshare Entry:

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