Minutiae of changing jobs

I’m late in making my entry this month. There is a lot going on. I quit my previous job and flew to visit my college friend over a weekend and stay with my parents for a week. I am so happy I got this time with my family, I didn’t spend so much time actually with family the last time I went to my parents’. I also got sick while at my parents’ and had to fly back while sick on Presidents Day with my flight getting delayed. I started a new job a week ago.

Money-wise too, lots going on. I got a tax refund check from filing a 2015 tax return amendment. My previous company paid me for accrued vacation so my last paycheck was extra large. With two roommates having moved out recently, I bought a dining set and will buy a microwave, desk, and maybe a sofa.

According to my W2, I made too much money last year to make a full Roth IRA contribution. I submitted the excess contribution withdrawal form to my brokerage and will get a check in the mail soon. The Retirement number in Networthshare will decrease and my cash will increase in the near future. Also I used my credit card to pay for 6 months of car insurance so that number is abnormally large just now. My car insurance rate did go down a little since I turned 25, but I really should shop around for a cheaper plan with a good company.

Monthly Networthshare Entry: https://www.networthshare.com/user/labangel/2017/02

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