Transitioning to a new company

The new job is going well. I feel so much more welcomed on my new team than I was at my previous job. We had a sendoff at a nearby restaurant this evening for a teammate who’s moving to Seattle. I felt so welcome even though I only knew a few people going in. I’m also much faster picking up the new stuff I’m working on so I feel more accomplished all of a sudden. My manager sits next to me now so I am able to get immediate feedback about my work. I hardly saw my manager at my previous company. I’m glad I switched jobs.

Money-wise I have waaay more cash but that’s expected. I got my Roth IRA distribution checks (they got split into contributions and earnings). This means I can file my taxes now. I’m about done with federal taxes but haven’t looked into doing California state taxes yet. I’m fairly certain I owe federal taxes, I’ll need some cash for that. I did buy a microwave and might buy a desk this week, we shall see.

I got my first paycheck from the new job and I also got a sign on bonus. I set up very sizable paycheck deductions to the new company’s Roth 401k and their employee stock plan so I will be living off my cash stockpile for a while. I’ve never had a stock plan before. My company gives a 10% discount on the stock’s closing value at the end of each quarter. My 401k is fancier as well; my new company gives double the match that my previous company gave. It allows pre-tax, Roth, and after-tax contributions as well as automatic in service distributions of after-tax money.

I want to transfer my previous 401k so I currently have two checks totaling 55k on my bedroom floor (they got split into pre-tax and Roth). I will send them to the new plan administrator next. I’m also really proud of myself for setting up an auto-transfer into my brokerage account every two weeks. This too will draw on my cash reserves.

Monthly Networthshare Entry:

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