Focus on Friends

Native peoples, who were, of course, already here when the pioneers arrived, stayed at traditional camps in the Pioneer Square area. Many intermarried with settlers. Cultural diversity was again broadened by Chinese arrivals, who built railroads to the West and stayed here. Over and over, as immigrants came to Seattle, many became a part of Pioneer Square. Today we get a lot of people from California...

This past month has been nice. I’m focusing less on work and more on friends. I met up locally with a few friends from high school and college over the weekends, and I flew to Seattle over MLK Day long weekend to meet friends there. My boyfriend’s resolution is to change jobs so he is following a strict schedule these days. I’m trying to give him space by using my time to deepen my friendships and rekindle my creative side. I used a vinyl cutter and heat press to add a design on a shirt yesterday and I bought a voucher for horseback riding with lessons today.

As you can tell, I’m in that cash crunch week right now. One bank’s site is down for maintenance so the credit card debt number is an estimate. I did finally fill out the auto-pay form so I won’t need to do it manually from next month onward.

Monthly Networthshare Entry: